Learn to paint from Master Painter Dennis Perrin

From anywhere in the world

With requests flying in from all over the planet, Dennis decided to bring his teaching to the virtual level, giving you the opportunity to learn to paint and polish your craft from any location in the world.

With the capability to share his vast knowledge virtually, we are bringing to you a full multi-media painting experience. 

What people are saying:

"I have studied with many nationally known painters. but this class and its' cutting edge presentation has truly been inspirational. Rewiewing the videos numerous times has finally cemented a process that is entirely new to me! Dennis' commentary also has led me to a whole new way of thinking in the abstract so that I am painting the essence of a subject, not a realistic rendition. I am excited beyond words and am looking forward to the next segment." - C.D.


"The support and insights gained from this experience working with Dennis Perrin are priceless.  Gentle encouragement, generous praise and insightful humor all exist in the world of painting with Perrin.  Never having owned a French easel, I had little idea how to open one, let alone set up a palette with color or use the palette knife.  Dennis provides a homing signal to your truest painting self, guides you with the use of the tools, then sets you free to discover your own painting nature. Far better than anticipated (I thought I would feel ashamed of my clumsy strokes) and supportive beyond my wildest dreams....a class with Dennis Perrin is one of the finest experiences of my life.  Thank you for journeying with me into joy, Dennis." — S.S.


"Your instruction on mindset and vision are as valuable as the tangible techniques you shared with such gusto! Well done and I’m sure I’ll be in another class with you! Thank you!" - S.B.




Our Current Virtual Courses:


Painting the Figure and Interior

April 2016


The art of the peony

June 2016


Painting Sunlight

July 2016


Painting the Figure in Landscape

Coming September 2016


Still Life Mastery

Coming October 2016


Painting Essentials

Coming November 2016


PAINTING THE flower portrait 2.0

Coming Winter 2016