Individual Live Streamed Demonstrations of a Variety of Subjects by Master Painter Dennis Perrin. 

Included is the Live-streamed, interactive event which includes questions and commentary during the event, and the capability to keep the recording for a lifetime. Each demonstration is narrated throughout by the artist, and will feature a variety of camera angles that focus on the subject, the canvas, and the palette. Also included is a discussion of materials, technique, set up and composition.

In this next installment of The Master Series, Dennis shares the secrets of creating a successful and powerful still life composition, taking you through the complete process from start to finish. As with all of his virtual demonstrations, you get the best seat in the house!


Painting a Powerful Still Life

The revered Still Life has been at or near the top of the Pantheon of Artist’s subjects for centuries, and has long been the focus of many historical painters, among them Chardin, Fantin-Latour, and Cezanne, as well as contemporary painters Carol Marine, Jacob Collins, and Duane Keiser.

For Dennis Perrin, the Still Life has been a central subject that runs through much of his work, often as a secondary theme inside a larger subject. But painting a Powerful Still Life, one that demands the attention of the viewer, one that has “presence,” even across a sizable distance, has become a signature of Perrin’s work.

Video Recording of Live Event


Painting English Roses

The beloved English Rose, or Garden Rose, is a prized subject for generations of Floral Still Life Painters, most notably the French Painter Henri Fantin-Latour, and contemporary painters Michael Klein and Paul Raymond Seaton.

Dennis Perrin, long know for his passion for Garden Roses and Peonies, as well as romantically-tinged figure paintings, brings his unique blend of poetry and bravura to the floral still life. His love for light, and his signature brushwork, create a compelling tapestry of visual delights in the crafting of a painting of English Roses. And his soothing, methodical teaching style has empowered students from around the world to find their own unique voices as they explore the endless worlds of the visual arts.

You will be given a seat literally at the side of the Master as he weaves his magical spell in the creation of an unforgettable Roses painting.

Video Recording of Live Event

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The Master Series classes are live streamed demonstrations very much like what you would experience in a live workshop with one important difference—you have the best seat in the house! 

In a live workshop, it’s often difficult to get a vantage point where you can both see and hear as well as you might like. But with the live streaming class, you are literally looking right over the artist’s shoulder. 

With new technologies, high definition cameras, and specific angles designed to get you in on all of the action, the Master Series promises to be the best of all worlds. Plus, you can ask questions in real time. And best of all, you will own the full recording of every single brushstroke to view again and again at your leisure! So, it is superior in many ways to the “live” demonstration.

The Master Series singles out individual subjects and walks you through the entire process of creating the painting from conception to completion. Of course, this sort of thing is commonplace in our courses. But, for quite a bit less money, you get to receive a highly focused painting experience from a Master teacher, live, with the possibility of interaction, and still get the recorded version for your library.