The Perrin Method™, created by Master Painter Dennis Perrin. 

A virtual course with Dennis Perrin and team is more than just teaching about technique and picture making. It's a comprehensive experience on how to think about painting, where a painting comes from, a self-examination of the question "Why Paint?" as well as a thorough exploration of color, value, temperature, technique and materials.

Joining a Perrin Method™ Course ensures a complete exposure to the lineage of the great painters historically, and an immersion in the full enjoyment of the Creative Process. By teaching students to imagine and visualize their completed paintings, Perrin provides the student with an infallible road map to the successful completion of any creative project.

"Manifesting a painting is no different than manifesting any other experience in our lives."

– Dennis Perrin

Through a consistent process of vivid interaction, including live-streamed demonstrations, lively, interactive discussion, individual research projects, and real time Q & A, along with one on one mentoring, we explore and discover together personal, creative terrain that has yet only been imagined.

By eliminating conflicting, dissonant beliefs, and sharpening focus on real, attainable yet lofty goals, you will soar to heights of painting and creative expression that you may not have thought possible. 

Oh, and we also delve into more “realistic” topics like, simplification, value identification, design and composition, color theory, the power of temperature shifting, paint application, palette principles, and so very much more!


By becoming a Perrin Method™ student, you instantly join a community of hundreds of artists around the globe. The community is part of what makes our online courses so unique. Artists gather together in our virtual classroom and share stories that bring tears to our eyes. We're not kidding. Everyone finds art for a reason. 

"I have studied with many nationally known painters. But this class and its cutting edge presentation has truly been inspirational. Reviewing the videos numerous times has finally cemented a process that is entirely new to me! Dennis' commentary also has led me to a whole new way of thinking in the abstract so that I am painting the essence of a subject, not a realistic rendition. I am excited beyond words and am looking forward to the next segment." - C.D.

Anywhere you live in the world, you can learn to paint with Master Painter Dennis Perrin

Begin any course, anytime you want.

All Perrin Method™ Virtual Courses come with Lifetime and Unlimited Access.

To be a master, think like a master. Every student of the Perrin Method™ gets the opportunity to be right there with Dennis, receiving the stream of thoughts as he paints.

See the view direct from his seat. Learn about temperatures and values right as he's creating them in the moment. Get your questions answered right in the moment, just as you could at an in-person class. 

You don't have to leave the comforts of your own home studio to join Dennis and learn the Perrin Method™. In fact, you can have your own Plein Air set up in the field, tuning in to a lesson.

This live-streamed, interactive event includes questions and commentary during the event, and the capability to keep the recording for a lifetime. Each demonstration is narrated throughout by the artist, and will feature a variety of camera angles that focus on the subject, the canvas, and the palette. Also included is a discussion of materials, technique, set up and composition.

Tune in and watch live from anywhere in the world.

Painting a Powerful Still Life

Come to a workshop! Dennis will be teaching a handful of live workshops across the US in the spring of 2018. If you've always wanted to learn from the Master Painter in person, this is your opportunity.

Workshops currently scheduled in Georgia, Louisiana, and Indiana in 2018.