Q. I’m a Beginner Painter. Are The Perrin Method™ Courses for Me?

All of The Perrin Method™ courses are designed to be of benefit for painters of any level; from the complete beginner to the accomplished professional. While most of the artists who take The Perrin Method™ courses fall somewhere in between intermediate and advanced, we've had students who have never painted take a course and find they’ve gained tremendous satisfaction from it. We've likewise had professional painters who have found extraordinary advancement in their careers as a result.  

Q. I’m Busy Now, Can I Purchase a Course Now and Take It Later?

Every The Perrin Method™ course comes with lifetime access to the classroom material, so they never expire. We encourage each student to go at their own pace with whatever their current schedule will allow. Students may always submit assignments and get feedback and any questions answered within the group discussions and private Facebook groups.  

Q. How Does One Course Differ From Another? 

All The Perrin Method™ courses follows a similar template with special emphasis in each case on the specific subject of the course title. In every case, covered are Historical perspectives, Basic principles of value, color, and temperature, materials, palette, paint application, and The Perrin Method™ approach to simplification. What varies course to course is how all of this information is applied to a specific subject, i.e., the Floral Still Life. This is primarily realized through video demonstrations that are narrated in real time by the artist. Included in each course is my emphasis on the "behind-the-scenes" thought process, using creative imagination and intentional visualization. Also included are cumulative homework assignments that develop in the student a deeper understanding of the material at each phase of the course.

Q. Are Live Models a Requirement To Enroll In a Course?

It’s always ideal to have "live" subjects for any painting. However, it is not a requirement to participate in courses. Dennis is a strong advocate for painting from life. That said, we understand that sometimes there is difficulty in painting from life. We suggest you "do your best under any circumstance”.

Q. Does Dennis Perrin Offer Any In-Person Workshops or Lessons? 

Any and all upcoming live lessons and/or workshops are listed here: 


Q. Do I Need My Own Studio to Take a Course? 

No, you do not need a private studio to take any of The Perrin Method™ courses. We do recommend finding a space in where you will be able to leave your supplies setup without being dismantled. 

Students that submit all assignments may receive a certificate of completion upon request.


Q. Will I Receive a Certificate For Completing a Course?