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The Master Series: Painting English Roses

The beloved English Rose, or Garden Rose, is a prized subject for generations of Floral Still Life Painters, most notably the French Painter Henri Fantin-Latour, and contemporary painters Michael Klein and Paul Raymond Seaton.

Dennis Perrin, long know for his passion for Garden Roses and Peonies, as well as romantically-tinged figure paintings, brings his unique blend of poetry and bravura to the floral still life. His love for light, and his signature brushwork, create a compelling tapestry of visual delights in the crafting of a painting of English Roses. And his soothing, methodical teaching style has empowered students from around the world to find their own unique voices as they explore the endless worlds of the visual arts.

You will be given a seat literally at the side of the Master as he weaves his magical spell in the creation of an unforgettable Roses painting.

Live Workshop: $85