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Painting Essentials with Master Painter Dennis Perrin

A three day intensive workshop with Master Painter Dennis Perrin focused on the essentials of painting and the application of The Perrin Method™ to any subject. This workshop will be primarily centered on floral still life, but the painting of the figure, landscape, and the figure in the landscape may be included as well. The historical origins of The Perrin Method™ will be discussed. Students should have a sound grasp of oil painting and a portable, plein air easel, brushes, paints, and essential materials.

The artist will be demonstrating The Perrin Method™ throughout the workshop, and will also provide hands on coaching for each student. This workshop offers an exciting and enjoyable opportunity for artists of any level to enhance their understanding of the creative process, and to add to the evolution of their own personal artistic voice. Far beyond the instruction of technique, Perrin brings to his workshop an understanding of the universal laws that govern the creative process, giving the artist valuable tools to navigate the twists and turns of both painting and living.

This workshop is full.