Our concept of the Artist’s Retreat, much like other retreats in the religious and secular communities, is a way of providing an environment for a participant to both further their craft through skill acquisition and technique sharing, AND refresh and reset their artistic spirit through community building, relaxation, and immersion in the creative experience. The artists who come want to take their painting to another level. But they also want to be with like- minded folks who know that painting is an extension of living and being, and participating in a community that includes lifestyle elements like nourishing food and mindful practices can have benefits far beyond simply acquiring clever technique.

More than anything, my intention is to communicate to my viewer my love of beauty. And I invite them to co-create with me by using a lot of suggestion rather than explicit rendering. A close inspection of my work shows a loose, seemingly random application of the paint. Of course, it’s not at all random. Nearly every stroke is intentional and designed to elicit the completion of the image on the part of the viewer. Like all painters in my style, my work is best viewed from a moderate distance.

Spend 5 glorious days and nights in a little part of paradise, painting and growing as an artist, while enjoying delicious food, great community, and nearly indescribable ambience. Each day begins with a nourishing farm to table breakfast on the porch overlooking the gorgeous landscape. Then, a spirited discussion about all things art and artistry, followed by a painting demonstration by Master painter Dennis Perrin. A break for lunch, again farm to table, and again on the porch, followed this time by more painting in the landscape where you'll choose from vistas, gardens, water lilies, classic houses and barns, or so much more. After dinner, we'll gather for a game or an art themed movie and discussion, then start all over again in the morning.

Look for an Artist's Retreat coming in June of 2016.