“I have chosen to see beauty as revealed by light,” said Perrin. “Each painting that I undertake, regardless of subject, is an attempt to capture an image that is both defined and unified by light.”


As I am now in my fourth decade of painting professionally, I can honestly say that the most important lesson I have learned is that it has to be fun. I don’t do anything that’s not fun for me, even challenging activities like painting and learning to play classical piano. It has to be fun or it’s not worth doing. One of the wisest things I ever heard was there can be no happy ending from an unhappy journey. Struggle and strife are not our lot in life unless we believe that to be true. Happiness is what we seek in everything we reach for no matter what the situation. I start every painting with the absolute knowing that this is going to be fun, and —what do you know?– it always is! This is the core of my teaching philosophy, as well. Painting, like all other activities we choose to pursue, should be fun.

What words of encouragement or piece of advice would you give a beginning artist?

Simply this — fall in love with the process of painting. Don’t over analyze, and most of all, don’t focus on your mistakes. Focus on what you want, what you love, and everything else will take care of itself. Oh, and always ask yourself why? Why do I paint? If you can answer that with every painting, you will be the happiest painter who ever lived.